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★★★PolarBox service pricings < (updated 26-08-2009)★★★

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Pricings of different services available for polarbox users (via server)
Price and models in this list can be modified at any time

[color:2e59="indigo"]Sagem and Vodafone ( Locost + Callypso secure based )

- Read Codes (NCK)
- Flash, Repair, Language and Rebuild (in development ...)

[color:2e59="Red"]Cost : 10 Credits

Sagem : My100x
Sagem : My200c My202c My210x My212x My214x My215x
Sagem : My300c My300l My300x My301x My302x
Sagem : My400x My400v My400l My401c My401ci My401x My401v My401l My421z
Sagem : My411x My411xi My411v My411cv
Sagem : My501ci My501C My501Ci
Sagem : My511x My511xi MyC5-3 MyE77 MyX5-2V MyX6-2
Sagem : My-V56 My-V76 VS4 VS5
Sagem : SG346i TCM303
Vodafone : 411 526 527 533

[color:2e59="indigo"]LG3G Secured LICENSE ( Qualcomm based ... )

- Direct Unlock (via server)
- Unlimited and can be activated in REAL TIME (by any official reseller)

[color:2e59="Red"]Cost : 1 LG3g License activated (price 109 euro)

LG HB Series : HB620 HB620T
LG KB Series : [color:2e59="Lime"]KB620 KB770
LG KC Series : KC910 [color:2e59="Lime"]KC910Q
LG KE Series : KE990
LG KF Series : [color:2e59="Lime"]KF690 KF700 [color:2e59="Lime"]KF700G KF701
LG KU Series : KU250 KU305 KU315 KU380 KU385 KU730 KU970 KU990 KU990GO KU990MF [color:2e59="Lime"]KU990R
LG TU Series : [color:2e59="Lime"]TU515
LG U Series : U250 U370 U370W U960 U970 U990
LG CU Series : CU720 CU920 (american versions)

[color:2e59="indigo"]Modems USB and PCMCIA 3G Cards ( PandaBox Module )

- Direct Unlock (by read codes)
- Read FlashCode (for allow Firmware Upgrade)
- Enable all bands

[color:2e59="red"]Cost : 10 Credits

Huawei : E220
Novatel Merlin : U530 U630 U730 U740
Option GT : 3G+Emea 3GQuad Fusion
Sierra Aircard : 875

[color:2e59="Red"]Cost : 20 Credits

Option : GlobeSurfer ICON_7.2 ICON_7.2S
Huawei : E156 E156G E160 E160G E166 E169 E169G E170 E172 E176 E180 E196 E226 E230
Huawei : E270 E271 E272 E510 E612 E618 E620 E630 E630+ E660 E660A E800 E870
Huawei : EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G
Vodafone : K2540 K3515 K3520 K3565 K3715

[color:2e59="indigo"]NEWEST BLACKBERRY

[color:2e59="Red"]Cost : 20 Credits

Blackberry 8100 Pearl
Blackberry 8110 Pearl
Blackberry 8120 Pearl
Blackberry 8220 Pearl Flip
Blackberry 8300 Curve
Blackberry 8310 Curve
Blackberry 8320 Curve
Blackberry 8700c
Blackberry 8707v
Blackberry 8800
Blackberry 8820
Blackberry 8830 World Edition
Blackberry 8900 Curve
Blackberry 9000 Bold
Blackberry 9500 Storm
Blackberry 9530 Storm
Blackberry 9630

NCII Certificate No. 080306000078

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