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JAF VODA Addon Unlocking instruction plus some FAQ's here

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[L. A. O.]

JAF vodafone Addon unlocking instructions:

some are a little bit confused in unlocking these units. at first we thought its not working because we get errors like

Connection Timeout etc.

First, have your PKEY activated, by either your re-seller or anyone who has access or credits:

it contains activation instructions and cable schematics in case you dont have one.

make sure you specify if your PKEY is THOMAS or RASKAL


Once activated or confirmed from the server, update your PKEY Using the latest version.

Run the Voda Addon Software (for NOD32 users, please turn off the antivirus while downloading

get the software here plus the USB Drivers


installation instructions is inside

now lets unlock:

for ease of use, insert a non-accepted simcard,

enter boot mode:

*,0,# then power

screen should be violet

connect the USB Cable to phone and PC,

if you have successfully installed the drivers, Open DEVICE MANAGER

and look at the COM/PORTS and LPT

it should look like this:

dont get confused by the MODEM, most users look at the modem for port settings, like in other samsung and qualcomm models

then on the software

put the correct port number.

then unlock.

enter the codes as stated by the soft..


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