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GMANews.TV exclusive: Mt. Mayon interactive maps of danger zones, lava flows, and eruption history

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[L. A. O.]

[L. A. O.]
Mount Mayon continues to show signs that a major eruption could happen any time now, prompting the Philippine Institute of Volcanology (Phivolcs) to prepare for Alert Level 5 or "Hazardous eruption ongoing" with pyroclastic flows, tall eruption columns, and extensive ashfall. Meanwhile, the Philippine government has already evacuated over 45,000 residents within an 8km radius of the volcano.

GMANews.TV offers the following map, which indicates municipalities that might be affected if a hazardous eruption were to occur --ranging from the "permanent danger zone" within 6km of the volcano's crater, to the "high risk zone" beyond 8km from the crater.

As a point of comparison, this map also shows details of the lava flows from some of the most recent major eruptions in 1968, 1978, and 1984. Closer details of the 1984 eruption are also provided.

More details will be added to the map and this page as soon as the information becomes available.



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