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Representing BB-Box for Blackberry and HTC

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1 Representing BB-Box for Blackberry and HTC on Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:02 pm

[L. A. O.]

[L. A. O.]

BB-Box Service Software ( AKA "Blackberry Box" )
New Multi-device platform for Unlock BlackBerry phones in the market.

Multiplatform USB Hardware (Specifications)
Supports Blackberry and HTC phones
* Built for work in different brands ( For future updates ...)
* Stable and high speed communication based on FTDI Technology (till 921.600 bds in flash process)
* Standard Unibox Pinout (8pin RJ45) and extra USB connector

* BB-Box community (support)
Real mailing support ( 24-48 hours )
Kind product supporters and collaborators ( forum community )
Real Chat Online

Direct Link: http://www.bb-box.net/


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