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V3r T-MOBILE Network unlock!

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1V3r T-MOBILE Network unlock! Empty V3r T-MOBILE Network unlock! on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:51 pm


not supported for prepare phone because it has a Boot Loader 0A.52

I did TP (TestPoint) procedure..

SmartMoto 3.23
S-Card: 112xxxxxx Smart-Clip dongle, v 2.12, assigned Smart-Clip: 808752722 Europe, initializing... OK
Clip serial: 808xxxxxx, version: 4.09, initializing... OK
Searching for phone... found S Blank Neptune LTE2, getting test interface... interface not found
Switching to flash mode... OK
Reading phone boot version... 3.00
Reading flash id... ST - M30L0R8000B0
Reading flash id/2... none, OK
Phone group: V235,V360,V360v,V3i,V3r,L7,L7e,L7v,L71,L72,L9,K1,U3,W5,W490,W510,Z3
Hardware IMEI: 352509016xxxxxx
IMEI OTP status: locked
Security area saved to "PDS for S Blank Neptune LTE2 352509016159208.mbk"
Unlocking phone... OK

V3r T-MOBILE Network unlock! V3r-1

Easy TP
V3r T-MOBILE Network unlock! V3r-2

NCII Certificate No. 080306000078

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