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Next Major Update, RAPU-YAMA supported for FBUS Flash (2009-08-13)

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Next Major Update, RAPU-YAMA supported for FBUS Flash (2009-08-13)
New BULK UPDATE for Cyclone Box is avaiable, changelog:

- Introduced support for FBUS Flashing RAPU YAMA phones (5630, 6700, 6303)
- GUI Stability improved ; updated Skins Stack
- Fixed Algoboot for BB5 phones in some configurations
- SingleLine BB5 Flashing Speed improved (upgraded to 5.5mbits from 4mbits)
- BB5 Multi-CRT Write bug fixed (mismatched certs when writing more than 1 certs at one time)
-Improved Phone LOCAL/TEST Mode Entry algorithms during unlock and FBUS operatinos
- Access Violation in some configurations, when changing BB5 Vpl / Dct4 Vpl Variant/Product - fixed
- "Set factory defaults - BB5" are now default unticked after flash (useless in case of BB5 phones)
- Repower on boot inverted ; accoring to firmware v1.0.5 , BB5 Phones are now default re-powered on boot
- By default - USE DEFAULT PROFILE while unlocking DCT4Plus is unticked
- DCT4Plus unlock routines rewritten - patch file is now applied before unlocking
- Fixed problems upon unlocking some units of DCT4(plus) phones, when Initial SP Area is corrupted
- When SIMLOCK IS NOT ACCEPTED during BB5 RPL Write, software trying to write FBUS part again after FLASHBUS part, so if NPC is corrupted, the SL will be restored anyway
- Please don't use "Erase Security" function when writing BB5 PA_SL2 RPL, because SIMLOCK will not be accepted in such case! In order of simlock rebuild, NPC MUST BE CORRECT!
- Improved BB5 RPL Write, when HWC can't be written (N96 - example), other certs being written and whole procedure is not being skipped - After sending Simlock and Superdongle data, delay added, so PA_SL can recalculate SP and Recreate 308 if needed (previously it wasn't working all times)
- During BB5 Configuration Parse (flash chips, status), now RAM chip is displayed instead of UNKNOWN
- DCT4Plus Security Status is now being displayed upon unlock - either TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED
- When DCT4Plus Security is NOT TAMPERED, Cyclone automatically makes Security Backup
- When user trying to unlock phone which have protected PM308 Security Block against modification, and there is message "Failed to write Security Block" software is now automaticlly writing back NPC backup - IMEI
- Erase Security while writing RPL is now by default disabled
- SX4 Bypass during PA_SL2 unlock is now by default disabled
- IMEI 1234567890?, and "?" is not valid integer bug fixed
- Cyclone Box HW Rev A113 support added
- Cyclone Box HW Rev A114 support added
- Cyclone Box HW Rev A115 support added

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