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Sagdd Latest Updates

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1Sagdd Latest Updates Empty Sagdd Latest Updates on Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:07 am


10.09.2009, Vodafone 533 flashes added.
SagDD, Vodafone 533 flash files are added in support area

Each one is self extracting ".exe" file with the exact name of the phone for which is intended,
Firmware name, Hash table, operator customization, and supported languages list.

When phone flashing is necessary ?
* de-branding phone;
* replacement language pack;
* to solve problems like "freeze or restart after start-up logo".

We recommend all other problems : "Hardware failure mobile blocked",
"phone code timer repair", "SIM Locked w/o sim", Error "3" and "!" to be
resolved by SagDD function "REPAIR". It's more quickly and safely and does not take logs.

After successfully flash, phone become new firmware and SIM free (UNLOCKED) status!!!

Flashing process is server based - so connection to server is obligatory!
Without it phone security can't be recalculated !

Important requirements:

- fully charged battery;
- do not flash phones with incompatible firmwares!!!!! All flashes in same folder are compatible!!!
Warning message appear when incompatible with selected firmware phone are detected!
- when phone condition is dead, read flash.bin send to Support@SagDD.com and when receive our confirmation/advices perform flashing.

List of added flashes:

VF533_EVN,ZH_250908_1228_(102C07)_VODAFONE_(Fre_Es p_Ita_Deu_Eng_Por_Tur_Ned_Pol).exe;

VF533_EVN,ZI_211008_1520_(442E07)_Mtel_(Fre_Deu_En g_Rom_Bul).exe;

SagemJtagUnlocker team

2Sagdd Latest Updates Empty Re: Sagdd Latest Updates on Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:40 am


14.09.2009, SagemEG_10.4 - Fast unlocker for E-Gold based HUAWEI phones (old and new MCU`s)

What`s new?
Unlocking algo improved:
- unlocking supported phones at first attempt (some phones required two times Do the Job with SagemEG_V10.3Fast);
- "Direct unlock succeeded" message appear for real unlocking only ( temporarily unlocking filtered).

Soon new nice update!


SagemEG_V10.5Fast is fast unlocker for HUAWEI phones T155, T156.

What`s new?
- unlocking algo improved, some FW`s not supported by SagemEG_V10.4Fast and other similar toolses are supported now;
- added Flash read option;
- Flash read works with many other (but not all) E-Gold phones.

If you have not supported T155, T156,....., read flash.bin, then send it to support@sagdd.com or upload somewhere.
We will add these FW`s in next updates.

As always, easy, fast, absolutely safe unlocking!

SagDD support continues!

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