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iPhone 4G With Dual Core and OLED Screen in April

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[L. A. O.]
Korea Times indicates that Apple may launch its fourth generation iPhone as early as April. Korea Times published that KT Telecom is saying that the iPhone 4G could arrive as early as April of this year. KT Corp. is the second largest cellular service company in South Korea, behind number one SK Telecom, based on the number of subscribers.The KoreaTimes has heard that talks over sales volumes are underway and that KT is set to sell the new devices to its bigger local corporate clients as a "litmus test" in April. It plans to provide the new iPhones to local distributors in June.

According to Korea times : "We don’t see any bigger hurdle to introduce 4G iPhones here, as legal issues were completely cleared. It’s possible to launch the devices within the first half," a high-ranking KT executive told The Korea Times, asking not to be identified.

"Still, there are some 3G iPhone stocks. But KT and Apple have reached a broad consensus to introduce the advanced models as early as possible," according to the executive.

iPhone 4G With Dual Core and OLED Screen in April Iphone4g31_thumb

Korea Times also revealed some of the features of upcoming iPhone :

* ARM Cortex A9 dual core processor
* PowerVR SGX545 graphic chip
* Organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens
* Video chat
* Removable battery (most probably)
* High resolution screen

About PowerVR SGX545 graphic chip : Imagination Technologies, the official supplier of GPUs for iPhone, has introduced the new PowerVR GPU SGX545. The new GPU boasts very good performance, in fact, DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.0, and can handle up to 40 million polygons per second (1 Gpixels / sec) up to 200MHz, up from 28 million ’s Current iPhone 3GS (almost 2 times faster).

Note: The information contained in this article are the result of rumors, we can not confirm nor deny these rumors, but information comes from a respective source so we are sharing with you.

Link Here > http://www.ihackintosh.com/2010/01/iphone-4g-with-dual-core-and-oled-screen-in-april/

iPhone 4G With Dual Core and OLED Screen in April Welcome_Animated_Text_TwistGoldBrow

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