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PSP 3000 chickHEN+CFWE v3.01 + easy Installer

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1 PSP 3000 chickHEN+CFWE v3.01 + easy Installer on Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:36 pm


What is this?
- A program that activates the functions of the M33 custom firmware using ChickHen.

What do I need?
- A PSP (Model 2000 or 3000)
- Firmware version 5.03.
- ChickHen R2 (at least, look out with the patched versions may cause errors!).

3.00 Changes:
- Added support for PSP 3000.
- Improvements in GUI.
- Added update system over the Internet (Wanted host).
- Added system to block the official updates.
- Added new configuration options
- Free UMD Region.
- CFWEnabler Online Update.
- Hide Pic0.png & Pic1.png.
- Use version.txt.
- Fixed a problem that crashed into the console when plugin is not detected.
- Added registry Hacks (Change buttons, Enable WMA, Enable Flash Player)
- Added a menu to set the version.txt.
- Added a menu to set the speed of the CPU (VSH and Games).

It just replaces the files that the GEN flashed so no worries of BRICKING. Just put the extracted folder, which is inside the PSP folder in GAME section of your PSP. Then just run it. You can switch to this and to GEN in just seconds

NCII Certificate No. 080306000078



3 psp3000 can't upgrade on Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:29 pm


ayaw prin boss maupgrade corrupted lumalabas


follow this procedure.
format memory stick
plug usb cable
copy the 503.pbp to Psp/game/update
then run the software.

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